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Ah Beng

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This page gives Singapore kind of jokes using lah and ma, etc. Ah Beng is a common word used in Singapore by the Chinese. Ah Beng is a person who is very gangster-like, but here, I have jokes selected that show or give funny behaviour. Check 'em out.

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  1. A Smart Revenge between a Chinese and a American . . .
  2. Ridiculous Job Interview
  3. Preacher's wish from God
  4. Ah Beng's Business Venture
  5. Air Travel - Trapped near the window seat
  6. Bill Clinton's Show Off Busted
  7. S.H.I.T
  8. Ah Beng's Job Interview
  9. Ah Beng Hot Shot
  10. Ah Beng All Wet
  11. Time Difference
  12. The Swimming Pool
  13. The Gambler
  14. Funny Fax Machine Response
  15. Ah Beng was asked to make a sentence using 10 numbers . . .
  16. AT&T Telemarketing Humour
  17. Wife's Last Words
  18. Stealing Sand

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