Bill Clinton's Show Off Busted

One day the Indian Prime Minister made a diplomatic visit to the States. After a glorious welcome by the US ministers and counterparts, the Indian Prime Minister was brought by Bill Clinton to a very old park which was located near the white house. Clinton wanted to show off USA's technological advancements to the Indian Prime Minister. So he asked his men to dig about 15 feet into the ground. After the big hole was dug, Clinton asked Indian PM to check what he sees. Indian PM saw into the hole and said..."Bill, I see cable wires....".

Bill giving a very big smile...showed off to Indian PM that, "This ground is as old as 100 yrs, and even back in those days.. USA had cable telecommunication services and we are so upfront with technology even in those days". The Indian PM was so irritated and embarrassed at Clinton's act of snobbery and show-off.

After a few years later, Clinton paid a diplomatic visit to India and he was splendidly welcomed by the Indian Prime Minister and his counterparts. Holding a grudge ever since the last trip he made to USA, the Indian PM wanted to show off what India is and how far it is in term of technological advancements. He brought Clinton to a old park by his palace and asked his men to dig about 20 feet into the ground. He also asked Clinton to see what he discovers into the ground. After much scrunitization, Clinton nodded his head and replied "Sorry PM, I see nothing in the ground".

"Precisely" said the Indian PM. "You see Bill, this ground is two hundred years old, and even back then.. India had cordless telecommunication services".


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