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Ultima Related

Origin's Website

Origin's website. Taken over by Electronic Arts, this website still stands because of Ultima Online. RG has since left the company and started his own.

Twister Software Ultima Underworld Remake

125 years after the Avatar died fighting the Guardian for the last time, a strange thing happened. What is it? Find out here at this website featuring a Ultima Underworld III, in progress.


The usenet has 4 newsgroups dedicated to the Ultima Series, of which, only 2 is active. (Google Web-Based) (Google Web-Based)

Origin Muesum

The Origin Museum is an archive of Origin and Origin-related games and collectibles, designed as a resource for collectors, and as a display forum for all things Origin. By collectors for collectors .

RG's new startup - Destination Games

Richard Garriot's new company. They seem to be improving an online game. As EA owns the rights to the Ultima trademark, the most RG can do is start another RPG series, continuing from Ultima VIII, however, there's no mention of it there either.

Houston Dragon's Website

The Ultima Resource Library has many files and documents you may want to download pertaining to the Ultima Series. Houston Dragon's website hosts a variety of stuff including guides to the people of Ultima VII, The Eight Virtues, Principles of Balance, Chaos and Order, stories, hints and files.

Ultima Collector's Guide

Telvar is at it again! Featuring another fantastic design, this site has all the information collectors may want to know, such as a pic and a description. An example is Ultima Underworld Special Promotional Edition.

High-Resolution Ultima Map Project

High-Resolution Ultima Map Project. A project to create the definitive collection of legible electronic Ultima maps by Xe Dragon.

Jocksitter Dragon's Ultima Collection Page

Boasting lots of scanned images of box covers, manual covers and even the gameboy versions, this site is the resource for box covers.

Raz's Ultima Page

Gamespot's feature news of the Ultima Series, The Past and the Future. It explores how it begun from a Apple game to a huge hit in the world.

Raz's Ultima Page

A page with images and information on Ultima IX, Ultima VII part two: Serpent Isle, Ultima Collectible items, UO History & Ultima Files. Cool stuff to see. Unfortunately, abandoned.

The Tale of Captain Johne

A beautiful illustrated website of a fan-fiction tale of "The Tale of Captain Johne" by Michael D. Hillborn. Check it out!

Join the Ultima Dragons!

Home of the popular Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter. If you are a Ultima fan, sign up and be a member!

Fans For Ultima

FansForUltima hosts a series of useful links and downloads, and the popular Ultima IX Unofficial Patch and Dialogue Patch.

Denis Loubet's Website

Denis Loubet's Website, an Origin artist, an example of his work is the cover of Ultima VIII Pagan and Ultima Underworld II. Has 3D Studio tips and many graphics related downloads.

Guru Dragon's Ultima Website

Featuring a detailed Ultima Encyclopaedia and a host of checked links and a collection of Richard Garriott's photos, this site is one standing out for these.


This website has lots of information on items in the Ultima games, plus other games coming soon. It even has pictures of the items described.

Sir Cabirus's Lair

SirCabrirus.Com has lots of info in the Ultima games, and you can also get the Ultima Underworld maps from here.


Exult is a project to create an Ultima 7 game engine that runs on modern operating systems, capable of using the data and graphics files that come with the game. Check out the screenshots and their site!

Fan Fiction Stories

This site has lots of Ultima stories and tales . .step in for a look at some creative and imaginative ones.

Moongate Central

The Moongate Central. Developed by Paulon Dragon, this site gives some information, solutions and resources for all the Ultima games (ALL) including Ultima 9 together with neatly organised layout.

Telavar's Mysterious Sosaria

Telavar's Mysterious Sosaria. Get every music from every Ultima game made. This also includes the C64 and Nintendo console games. It also has fantastic 3D graphics.

 Play Dark Core Now!

Ultima: The Dark Core is an interactive web-based adventure created by New Breed Dragon. This incredible fan fiction will take you on a fantastic journey. Interesting! Try it.

 Iolo's Lute

Another great Ultima VII website. Recommended by lots of people, their site is the way to go if you want more information on the game! Check it out.

Fan Fiction Stories 

Site with lots of fan-fiction links and stories. One of the few websites still standing.

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