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Do you feel your site should be among these? Drop me a mail and I will review it and get back to you.

If you have a website, feel free to add the images here to link to my website.

Cool Websites

New Zealand Splendour
A website I made for a project, it scored a Distinction, since only a basic site is required anyway. It's very beautiful, covering things about New Zealand aimed at tourists. Check it out now!

Surf Anonymously

Surf in total security. Free, although you are restricted in some pages and not fully functional.

Earn Cash!

Webmasters can be paid commissions using this website. Select the merchants (there are hundreds) and put a banner link in your site. You get paid for clicks, lead sales and commission percentages. It's that easy.


Thriving on user suggestions and contributions, this website has lots of information for the various games and it ain't as ad heavy as GameSpot either.

Night Owl's Lair

Extremely humorous computer problems faced by a computer tech support guy. Check it out. And mind your chair, you may break it laughing.

Currency Converter

Asia Currency Converter. A very useful free service that allows you to convert any currency to any other currency. For example, you can find out the US value of a Singapore Dollar by entering 1.
Tired of those spam emails? Time to get back at them. This site will help you accomplish that.
Bored? Feel like playing a game in a virtual world? You control a pet (or many) and train it, play games to accomplish wealth and even fight other players. This site might just be the one for you! Check it out!

Some of the logos and images in my website were created using Ulead products, especially Ulead Cool 3D and Gif Animator.

Audio Review

Just like it's name says, this website has reviews of audio products and even Televisions. A must see if you're heading out to purchase one.

Netscape was dust to the eyes of Microsoft till AOL came and took over. Now AOL is releasing cool-looking with better versions of Netscape . .who will be the winner .? Try out the new browser, it's cool!


HardwareZone is best known for it's price lists in Singapore and lively forums. Populated mostly by Singaporeans, it is the best site for a quick glimpse at Singapore prices at Sim Lee Square.

Laugh Track

PacFusion's Laugh Track is one of the funniest around, some of my jokes source from them.

Altavista Babelfish

Translate text in seconds, even websites! Supports German, Spanish, Russian and many more. Of course, it's Free!

The CGI Resource Index

The ultimate source for CGI and PHP scripts. This is where I got the first forums from, which is Ikonboard, but switched to YaBB because of the extensive features and better images.

The Internet Archive

Ever wanted to walk back in time with the Internet and see the old pages of websites? You can now, right at this website. Get your mouse clicking over there now.


Find out what's the hottest single song that's on the top right now. You can even rollback to a previous day, week, month, year and even a century!

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