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Yahoo! Geocities Email

Yahoo! Geocities Email

This is the email I received. I thought it was just a scare-off to get the paid services, but no, the website really had some downtime:

From: <>
To: <>
Sent: Sunday, September 16, 2001 3:16 PM
Subject: Your Data Transfer Status

> Dear GeoCities Member:
> Congratulations, is
> very popular and has been receiving a large amount of traffic. Your
> site has become so popular, in fact, that our records indicate that
> you're using more than the allotted amount of data transfer we provide
> for a free web site, which is 3GB/month (measured on an hourly basis).
> That means at some time during the past few days we had to turn your
> site off until the usage fell within the prescribed limit.
> If you'd like to prevent this from happening to your site, you
> may join one of our new premium services, GeoCities Pro or GeoCities
> Webmaster. These packages allow for 10 GB and 20 GB of data transfer
> respectively, and also give you the option of purchasing unlimited
> data transfer so your site will never be disabled. These packages also
> enable you to run an ad-free site at your own domain name (for example,
> AND get matching email accounts at
> that domain (like
> For more information about our new packages, please visit
> Upgrading your current
> GeoCities site to one of our new premium packages is easy - just a few
> clicks away - and you don't have to move any of your files.
> If you'd prefer not to receive notification when your site is shut
> down for going over the transfer limit, you may visit
> to take your name
> off of our list. Of course, we will continue to monitor your site's
> data usage and turn it off if it exceeds the limits.
> Thank you,
> Yahoo! GeoCities

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