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Old News Archive and Poll Results - Started Oct 23 2001

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Previous Poll Results

Question Asked: Which game do you prefer? [49 votes total]

  • Planescape: Torment (24) 49%
  • Ultima VII: The Black Gate (6) 12%
  • Ultima VII: Serpent Isle (8) 16%
  • Ultima VIII: Pagan (3) 6%
  • Ultima IX: Ascension (4) 8%
  • None/Other (Use Comments) (4) 8%

Comments Entered:

  1. None

Conclusion: Torment emerges the winner though there are fewer votes.

Question Asked: Should Ultima VII become freeware? [687 votes total]

  • Yes - 614 votes - 89%
  • No - 73 votes - 11%

Comments Entered:

  1. Something that I really respect in a software producer is when they release they're older stuff as freeware. So I think it should be freeware.
  2. Its too old
  3. ULTIMA8 too
  4. and also Ultima8:Pagan
  5. why shouldn't it? It doesn't run on windows w/o U7run
  6. Every one should be able to experience U7 (The best of the series)...
  7. it's about time...
  8. I used to have what I believe Ultima 6 or 7 and it was free and full version too but very very good and very very fun.
  9. Every one should be able to play this awesome game! freeware it!
  10. I believe after 4 or 5 years any game should be freeware.

Conclusion: Based on the results above, many voters lean towards getting Ultima VII and (if possible) the other games to freeware. There were some opposition primarily one comment that said "it's too old". We just got to hope Electronic Arts will do something about it. Check out this site at Wired where Electronic Arts didn't approve of a fan-work of Ultima I and the fan against it.

Question Asked: If you're stuck in a game, how long will you try to attempt to figure it out before resorting to cheats? [54 votes total]

  • 1-30 Minutes(8) 15%
  • 30-60 Minutes(10) 19%
  • 1-2 Hours(3) 6%
  • 2-4 Hours(5) 9%
  • 4-12 Hours(2) 4%
  • 12-24 Hours(2) 4%
  • 1-7 Days(12) 22%
  • 2 Weeks(3) 6%
  • Forever!(9) 17%

Conclusion: The phrase "Patience is Gold" holds very true for many, however, 83% will still cheat. This month, a poll was suggested.

Old News Archive

Janurary 7 1200 2002 GMT+8

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's the 2002 year! The website has grown with many host movements the previous year. Not to mention the higher traffic! Also, website traffic has increased two-fold since the Windows XP inclusions.

December 29 1330 2001 GMT+8

Due to some hard disk partitioning problem, I accidently deleted all my hard drive data, including my website and emails. If you had sent me email within the last 1.5 weeks, please resend the email using the form. There was one guy from Ultima VII Team, a story-line editor, who emailed me, but I forgot to reply. If you're reading this, thanks for the comments. I'm honored to have people from Origin appreciate my site.

December 18 1500 2001 GMT+8

Additions to the website

  • As you can see, Ganesh's Website is with Tripod now at the expense of a banner above. To stop pop-ups, you can use Pop-up Stopper. This little proggy will stop popups from any site, and you can disable them by just pressing a key when expecting a pop-up. Or you can let that one pop-up that opens be open for your duration of your visit to this site. No other pop-ups will pop then.
  • Freedom2Surf has sent notice that the free hosting service ceases 28 Feb 2002. Now on a search to look for a new host.
  • New terrorism flash movie added to the Laughter HELL! Bin Laden Has Nowhere To Run - Nowhere To Hide!
  • Special Deepavali greetings to those Indians out there celebrating Deepavali!
  • A special guide has been made to those who want to find out how to install a new installation Windows XP over your current OS in DOS.
  • New Page on Ganesh's Works added. For now, it just contains the above.
  • New Poll
  • The screen shot of the old DHTML design has been added!
  • Minor changes.

November 26 1730 2001 GMT+8

Additions to the website

  • Special Deepavali greetings to those Indians out there celebrating Deepavali!
  • NOTICE: Terms of Usage updated to reflect new service providers
  • Elimination of pop-ups (or pop-unders).
  • Previous poll results here!
  • New Background
  • Added javascript validity to the email page.
  • The About Webmaster/Website page has a section on screenshots of old designs plus previous webhosts.
  • Got something to contribute? Check out the newly added Contribute page.
  • Addition of new walkthroughs for Ultima VII: The Black Gate & Forge Of Virtue.
  • Massive upgrading of the links section. More links have been added to both sections.

November 13 0030 2001 GMT+8

New design to the website as you see. New logo and new tabs added. To get to a section of a game, click on the game name first, and then click on the sub-topics of that game you want to go on the page that loads after that.

  • Addition of Ultima History and Ultima Underworld II Super Character files.
  • Special Deepavali greetings to those Indians out there celebrating Deepavali!
  • Some design bugs squashed (Transparency and over-nested tables)
  • New design to the whole website! Any problems faced please inform me. Thanks to James Lewis for reminding me
  • Forums are still quiet . . . only if YOU start, it will get active. I lurk over there several times a day, so please head over there and post any queries you have.
  • Funny Flash movie! Check out the Racing Car Human Sound Simulation here.
  • To avoid confusion to later year updates and this year updates, the year has been added to the dates above.
  • New Poll
  • Reformatting of Ultima VII Manual by Ganesh in the Ultima VII: Black Gate section.
  • Addition of Origin's Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue Add-on walkthrough to the Ultima VII: Black Gate section.

November 3 1845 2001 GMT+8

Exams are over, with the final one being a huge headache . .oh well. Time to "charge" my website! Updates:

  • Forums are still quiet . . . only if YOU start, it will get active. Please head over there now.
  • A new way to run Ultima7 under windows has been discovered! Head straight here!
  • New Serpent Isle Walkthrough by JP Morris added to the Serpent Isle Humor section.
  • Search engine added . . . on trial phase.
  • New jokes added to the Cool People (Ah Beng) section.
  • Plans for future updates include creating a website for another game (candidate being Ultim@te Race Pro), new design to the website and winamp skins!

October 27 0000 2001 GMT+8

Minor updates.

  • All files have been uploaded to the new server. PLEASE REPORT broken links! Thank you!
  • NEW message board. CHECK IT OUT!!!! and start posting!
  • If you didn't know, this site has a section named "The Good Ol' Midis", Check it out! The midis are really great. Duh!

October 24 2330 2001 GMT+8

Please be patient while I complete uploading of 90 megs of data for you people to download. The important SWF files are uploaded to TwistSoft.

  • Osama's Diplomacy . . another funny flash movie. . check it out!
  • Created a new page to host previous poll results and old news. It's great reading old updates to myself hehe
  • If you didn't know, this site has a section named "The Good Ol' Midis", Check it out! The midis are really great. Duh!

October 22 2250 2001 GMT+8

Quick Update. TwistSoft offered me free storage space in return for a link for their site! A Link! I would be more than happy to provide more than a link. Check out their site for a Ultima Underworld I & II Remake.

  • Fixed download link of the 3D movie . . . again, no one told me about this.
  • Added another stones music to the Music section, by Brad.
  • If you didn't know, this site has a section named "The Good Ol' Midis", Check it out! The midis are really great. Duh!
  • Downloads should be working now . . Yayyy

October 10 2250 2001 GMT+8

This site will have few updates as my exams are in the corner. Searching for free space is fruitless, will have to try other ways .

  • Amazing 3D movie of 10 minutes in just 64KB! You need Microsoft DirectX 8 to run this amazing movie. Download now!
  • A new image added to Computer section

September 28 2200 2001 GMT+8

Website moved again to F2S. Sorry for any inconveniences caused, but the ad frame in SpacePorts is really too much =(.

September 22 2200 2001 GMT+8

I'm Back! Again, my FastTrack motherboard malfunctioned and I had to send to for service and that took a mighty 1 month. So for those who were waiting for authorisation in ICQ, now you have it!

As we all know, Tuesday was the day New York's World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists. My deepest sympathies to the families of the people working there affected by the tragedy.

  • Due to Yahoo! GeoCities new limits on bandwidth, this site had to be moved to Spaceports. It seems a much better host, lively community with forums and additional space . . all in the expense of a framed ad PLUS a banner ad =( . . other free hosts seem to be disappearing . . .for now, this host looks promising.
  • NBCi has stopped providing free unlimited space. As of today, the links (mainly the "GET IT") are still working (i.e.. no 404 error). As a precaution, the site is monitored for uptime. However, FTP connections fail, that means, no new downloads. I have sent an email to Spaceports for additional webspace of a whopping 150MB, which I hope they will agree on.
  • The poll seems to attract a lot of comments and votes. For now, I'll just leave it as it is.
  • Updated links to The Pit website.
  • Updated Dan Simpson's Ultima VII Part I Walkthrough, Torment Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's FAQ, Torment Walkthrough.
  • All Your Smurfs . . . CATS interviews a Smurf from The Smurfs, Check it out here! This is hosted on SpacePorts btw.

July 4 1800 2001 GMT+8

Some additions

  • A guestbook entry suggesting of a poll on Ultima VII becoming freeware was posted. So a new poll.
  • Ad square that covers the story jokes have been removed.
  • Added Kerpal - She KICKED my DOG!! lyrics.

July 2 1810 2001 GMT+8

None of the story jokes are working. NO ONE TOLD ME about this! Except for a guestbook entry who didn't explain well enough, a visitor whom I asked for a website critique found this out! =( =(

The story jokes should be working now.

June 30 2300 2001 GMT+8

Been busy with Fallout Tactics, Driver and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction so little time to squeeze in my time to take care of this website. And it's July! Time flies fast. Ever since Google indexed the whole of this site, the daily hits have jumped to 200+! Keep coming!

  • Added more jokes to the "Common Tech Support Humour You May Know Already" in the computer section and other sections.
  • The Ultima and Torment sections are having little updates due to fewer fan works popping out. If you know of anything I've missed in the downloads, please tell me!
  • The Message board is receiving a few posts, thanks to the contributors, esp. "The Nameless One".
  • Feel free to suggest a poll, I've run out of ideas ;-)
  • Fixed javascript that occurred in the previous upload.

June 25 2230 2001 GMT+8

Back from the trip, time to get back to business. Minor updates as I'm just back from the trip, you'll see more in the next update.

  • Added the Featured Files link to the navigation (Laughter HELL!).
  • The Message board is still at silence.
  • Added ICQ number (81266509) to the Myself page.
  • Very Minor changes.
  • New ad and background

June 1 0000 2001 GMT+8

Just some minor additions before leaving the site as it is for 3 weeks.

  • Updated the font zip files with more Ultima related fonts.
  • The Message board is still at silence again.
  • Added two funny jokes to the Misc section of Laughter HELL!
  • New Poll
  • Location parts of the online document modified.

May 28 1630 2001 GMT+8

Couple of new downloads added. Also, this site will not be updated for about 3 weeks after 31st May since I'm going to Europe! Feel free to e-mail me, but don't expect a immediate response.

  • The Message board is back to silence again. =( =( It's been a bit active thanks to "The Nameless One" and "cookdd", but that was a week ago.
  • Another AWESOME stones remix mp3 added! This time, it's by DJLizard. Check it out in the Music sections.
  • For those aspiring musicians looking for the Stones sheet music, you can download the PDF right here! You can also get the lyrics there.
  • Added two links, one to Ultima Thule and another to my own 'other' site, New Zealand Splendour.
  • Added a "Virtual Bonds" joke to the computer section

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