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About Webmaster/Website

Current Online Status

Currently, I'm ! If you want to page(anyone) or message me(ICQ users), feel free to do so! My ICQ number is 81266509. You can also e-mail me using the form.

History of Ganesh's Website

The website first started in October 1997 at my old ISP, providing a little info on myself and a Ultima VII Walkthrough, all in two pages. As weeks pass by, I found out my leisure is sitting in front of the computer looking for new things to include in the site. The result, you see this. It's still being continuously updated. Previous webhosts in order as best as I can remember: Pacific Net, Singnet (changed ISP), Geocities (insufficient space, with Xoom(now closed), 2 times as name changed), SpacePorts (very short, despise the ad frame), FreedomToSurf (ceasing of free service) and currently Tripod.

Check out New Zealand Splendour, a website I made for my institute project.

Ganesh's Website Designs

Here it is. Ganesh's Website had many design makeovers so far. All these were done 100% by me using computer software. Click on the image to get a bigger view. Compressed JPEGs.

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Design #1 (January 2000?)

It has DHTML Menu style menus and bloated HTML code, with Frontpage. Quite messy too, to add.

Design #2 (March 2001)

A better interface. Got a new toy to play with, Dreamweaver, and this is what I came out with. Farewell to Frontpage.

Design #3 (November 2001)

A much neater interface. The navigation has been brought to the top with XP-style new tabs for quick links. Kinda stylish.

About Me

Wouldn't you be interested in knowing who this webmaster is? OK, I'm an Indian of 18 years old living in Singapore. Here's a pic of me and my friends:

Ganesh and Friends
Photo taken after our Internet Information Studies Lab 19/10/2000
Left to Right: Ganesh(Me), Shen Leong, Gao Wei

Feel free to contact me for any help you may want. Web design, PC Technical support, game help . . . whatever.

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