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Good Ol' Midis

The Good Ol' Musics

Most of the games I played have wonderful music, and here's the musics which I think are very good.

Final Fantasty:

Eyes On Me
Eyes On Me 2


Metal Gear Solid:


Ninja Gaiden:

Series 1: Level 4-2
Series 1: Level 4-3
Series 1: Level 5-3
Series 1: Duel
Series 1: Ending 1
Series 1: Ending 2
Series 1: Introduction 2
Series 2: Level 3-2
Series 2: Introduction

Warcraft II:

Human 1
Human 2
Human 3
Human 4
Orc 1
Orc 2
Orc 3
Orc 4


Ultima I - VII:

Series 3: Exodus
Series 3: Wander
Series 4: Shrines
Series 5: Song04
Series 6: Bootup
Series 6: Character Creation
Series 6: Dungeon
Series 6: Introduction
Series 7: Stones
Series ?: Faerghail


Gmnutrac (?)
Gmpolka (?)






Series 1: Armed
Series 1: Danger
Series 1: Death
Series 1: Introduction
Series 1: Map
Series 1: Wanderer
Series 2: Introduction
Series 2: Killorn Keep
Series 2: Ice Caverns
Series 2: Tomb of Praceor Loth
Series 2: Prison Tower
Series 2: Sewers


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