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Freedom2Surf(f2s)'s Email

Freedom2Surf(f2s)'s Email

This is the email I received. As the domain will be permanently gone, I have to move my website in advance to notify visitors early.


We're contacting you as a subscriber to the Freedom2Surf's
experimental free web hosting service.

At Freedom2Surf we're constantly updating our web hosting
service and one of our big concerns is to make sure we have
the highest standards of customer service. To be able to
provide this we have decided to discontinue the experimental
free hosting service that we have been running.

The service will continue until February 28th 2002 after
which time any websites which have not transferred to our
Global Hosting package will be closed.

But don't panic! To switch your website from the free
hosting service to our Global Hosting package, couldn't be
easier and it's excellent value, you get ...........

Do I have to continue from there?

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