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Ultima VIII: Pagan > Ultima VIII Walkthrough By Dan Fabulich

Ultima VIII Walkthrough By Dan Fabulich

Ultima VIII Walkthrough

This is version 1.2 of the walkthrough, adapted into htm. Hope you enjoy it!

Table of Contents:






Stone Cove:

Carthax Lake:

Argentrock Isle:

Demon's Crag:

Ethereal Void:


  • Directions:
  • W N
    \ /
    / \
    S E
  • Yes, north is in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Stealing Precautions:
  • If there is no one in the room, close off all doors to the area (if possible). If there is someone in the room, walk off about 30 paces away from them and rest for one period of time and return. If they are gone, continue with the instructions, otherwise, repeat this process.
  • Old edge-of-the-screen-trick:
  • I had hoped that we were done with these when Sierra stopped doing them. I was wrong. Basically, the game will not progress if you merely stand still and wait, except in the instance of attacking creatures. You need to walk about 30 paces away, and then you can either rest periods of time and return or wait a full period of time there before returning.
  • Waiting for Shops to Open:
  • If you encounter a shop which is Locked, you need to walk about 30 paces away and rest one period of time, and return to see if it is still closed. If the shop remains closed, repeat this, otherwise, enter. It will do you no good to stand in front of the window and chant "OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN..."
  • Automatic doors:
  • In various dungeons you will discover doors which close as you approach them. You need to walk 30 paces away from them and then return, and instead of closing, they will open as you approach.
  • Magic Weapons:
  • All weapons with a blue line encompassing them are enchanted, and can be used to attack ghosts. However, the two best enchanted weapons in the game are the Slayer and the Flame Sting. The Slayer is usually a more powerful mace, except for 1 out of 20 attacks, at which point it kills the opponent instantly. The Flame Sting is simply the most powerful weapon, and given the choice one should opt for the Flame Sting.
  • Stepping Stones:
  • Evil. Vile. Must die. However, there are some easier ways to get around them. For instance, if you cast "Flash", you can poof yourself over the water to reach the end. Be careful, however, because the game has been known to crash if you decide to "Flash" yourself onto a sinking stone. Just limit yourself to the stable stones and you'll be fine.
  • WRBTW:
  • Just a little acronym I use to stand for "When the Road Branches That Way." Mostly harmless, and probably won't cause cancer.
  • The Secret of Moriens' Birthplace:
  • He doesn't exist. No, there's no clue nor hint in the game to lead you to your next destination. Just continue on with step 17 and go your merry way.


  • 1 Get equipped
  • As your very first action in the game, you should raise your Strength and Dexterity up to 25, the maximum. Merely right-double-click on yourself and your pointer will turn red. Now, double-click for a while until your strength and dexterity are raised to 25. It's slow and tedious, and it takes about an hour.
    OK, you begin the game standing next to Devon. Take his bedroll and follow the shore west until you reach the docks. However, before you enter the docks, open one of the barrels. In one of them is a jewelry box containing a dagger. Take it and equip it.
    Step onto the docks and go south, watch the execution. Answer the guard with "What is going on here," "I am name,"and "To return home." Now go north, following the road, and state your name again. Enter Central Tenebrae.
    Now, the first thing to do here is to take the road until it forks, and take it east, until the screen fades. You are in East Tenebrae. Turn south immediately, turn east WRBTW (When the Road Branches That Way), turn south WRBTW, and turn east WRBTW. Keep going east until you reach a large manor, surrounded by a gate with gargoyles, and pools of water within the gate. Inside the manor, turn west and then south to enter the bedroom. Stealing precautions apply while you are in this house. Flip the switch on the north wall and take the key under the towel. Exit the bedroom north, turn east and then north to enter the main work room. Move the vase and take the key under it. Go south and west to unlock the door and open the chest inside. It will explode, but you will take minimal damage. Take everything inside the chest and leave the house.
    Now retrace your steps to return to Central Tenebrae. Take the fork west this time, and you'll be in West Tenebrae. Turn south and continue south until the road bends west. Continue west until you reach the smiths, and his shop is closed, follow the instructions for Waiting for Shops to Open. Otherwise, enter and walk inside. Talk to the smith and buy a helmet, arm guards, leggings and a shield. Do NOT buy a weapon from him. Finally, return to East Tenebrae.
    OK, at East Tenebrae, go north, and continue north until you reach the widow's shop. Wait for it to open if necessary and then talk to the widow inside. Go to the farthest north part of the store and you will find a pair of twin beds. Sleep on them one period at a time, and then walk south. Repeat this until the widow is gone. At this point, Stealing Precautions apply as you take all of the gems on the table, and the money in the jewelry box. Return north and sleep until the widow has returned and sell all of the gems back to her.
    OK, now go east from the widow's shop until you can go east no further. From here, turn south, and finally east WRBTW to exit East Tenebrae. Follow the road and turn east WRBTW. Continue east, until you reach a fork. From here, turn north, immediately turning south when the road stops. You will see a house with a dead body inside. Walk into the center of the house and you will fall into the Slayer Dungeon.
    Open the tower doors on the west wall, and continue west until the area forks north and south. Turn south, and continue along that path until you reach a cramped area with a troll and a backpack inside. Take the key inside the backpack and return to the fork, this time going north. At the next fork, go north again and jump the water. Climb over the land mass and leap via the stepping stones. I've found the easiest method to be to move to the north-eastern corner. There are three stones which can be jumped in sequence without harm.
    Follow the landmass until you reach a tower door. Unlock it with the key you picked up from the backpack, and enchant yourself with an invisibility scroll you picked up in Salkind's house. Walk inside of the doors and continue walking west until you reach a cobwebbed-door with enchanted mace above it. Climb up, grab the mace and walk through the cobwebbed door. This will leave you outside the house, at which point you should return to Central Tenebrae.
    This time go NORTH at the fork. Continue north over a bridge until you reach the palace. Inside, turn east when it becomes possible and open the kitchen door to the south. Continue south and up the stairs.
    Inside one of the barrels is a basket, and inside the basket is a keyring. You should take it and place all keys on it, including the ones you own and keys you will receive, by double-clicking on them and targeting them on the keyring.
    Congratulations, you are equipped.
  • 2 Activate "Central Tenebrae" Teleporter.
  • Walk west out of the storage area and turn north. Continue north until you reach an area with a strange, floating grey thing. Since you can see it, this teleporter has been activated.
  • 3 Talk to Bentic
  • Return to East Tenebrae. This time, take the road north and stay north, avoiding the widow's shop, until you reach the library, which you will know by the plaque outside the door which reads "LIBRARY." Inside, locate Bentic (green shirt) and talk to him about leaving Pagan.
    Also here, you should take the shortest book you can find and read it repeatedly. This will raise your intelligence to a 25. Be sure to read the book completely, not simply double-click and close the book before you finish.
  • 4 Locate Mythran
  • Go west from here and continue going west until you pass through the northern entrance to Central Tenebrae. From here, turn north WRBTW and continue north until you exit Central Tenebrae.
    Follow the dirt road north until you reach a cave entrance. If you discover that the road has ended in front of a house or barn, you have taken a branch accidentally, so you should retrace your steps.
    Inside, follow the cavern until you reach more stepping stones. These don't disappear however, so you'll enjoy them more. Begin by jumping onto the southern most stone which can be reached from the shore, and continue hopping to the west.
    Afterwards, climb onto the landmass and continue south. You may see a few ghouls here, you can attack them or ignore them, it's your decision. The electric door needs to be timed correctly to avoid damage. Follow the cavern west, until you reach a rope bridge. On the other end of the bridge is a room full of levers. Note the six levers on the west wall. The three southern levers should be switched down, and the three northern levers should be switched up. Now, return along the rope bridge to a winch and a now-operative lever. Use the lever and follow the cavern south until you find yourself in the Plateau.
    Follow the dirt road to Mythran's house, and enter. Timing the electric doors has generally been safer for me, but you can choose your path here. At the end, drink a yellow potion if you're only lightly damaged, and a red if you have sustained heavy wounds. Walking through the door to the west will put you in Mythran's home. In the northeast there is a room with a backpack inside. There is a plentiful amount of money there, so take it using Stealing Precautions. Afterwards, locate Mythran. His house is small, but he can be found all over it.
  • 5 Get Recall Item
  • Your conversation with Mythran should begin with an introduction. Afterwards, buy a secret door scroll from him before leaving. When you do leave, he will give you a red potion and a recall item.
  • 6 Activate "Plateau" Teleporter
  • You may have already noticed another flat, grey squarish floating item. The recall item can take you to any of these which you have seen. This guarantees that you will not need to return through the cave, rather you can recall yourself to Central Tenebrae. Do so.
  • 7 Volunteer to Retrieve Dagger
  • Exit East out of East Tenebrae and take the road continuously north. You will find yourself inside a Cemetery. Inside, you should follow the dirt road to the tomb in the center. Somewhere inside you will find Vividos, the Scion. Talk to him, and be sure to volunteer your efforts in retrieving the serpentine dagger.
  • 8 Acquire Dagger
  • Recall to Central Tenebrae. Inside the palace somewhere should be a servant girl. When you talk to her, she'll tell you to meet her at her house at Bloodwatch. Her house is just to the west of Salkind's house. Enter her home in remarkably the same manner in which you wait for a shop to open. Inside, interrogate her about the dagger, and make promises. She'll give you a key, at which point a recall to Central Tenebrae and a brisk walk into the Tempest's bedroom will be in order. Don't enter if she's sleeping. If she is sleeping, wait for her to wake up just like Waiting for Shops to Open. When she wakes, go to the throne room. There is a pillow, which can be moved without Stealing Precautions. Under the pillow is a key. If you double-click on the key and DON'T MOVE IT, you can place it on your keyring without anyone noticing. Unlock the door to her room, and using Stealing Precautions, unlock her closet and the chest inside with Aramina's key. Inside is a jewelry box with a serpentine dagger inside.
  • 9 Get Key of Caretaker
  • Return to Vividos and watch the Ritual he mentions. Inquire about his newfound title, and agree to become his apprentice. Exit the Cemetary, go southeast, and take some Executioner's Hood. Then recall to Central Tenebrae and visit West Tenebrae. Turn north and follow it until it bends north. At the fork north of there, turn east. At the next fork, turn north, and go north onto the dirt road there. Follow it, take a stick, recall yourself to Central Tenebrae and return the reagents to the Necromancer.
  • 10 Find Each Necromancer
  • Now would be a good time to drop all unnecessary equipment, such as a dagger if you still have it. You will need no money inside, so leave that here as well. Walk out of the tomb and turn west and north to another gate. There will be a ghost there, which you can attempt to kill, or you can wait like Waiting for Shops to Open. Inside the gate will be a building. Enter into the very center of the building and walk up to the north wall. Cast "Open Ground" and walk inside.
    Run north past the skeleton and cannons. Flip the switch closest to the gate. Then go east, and continue east past the skeletons, turning north when it becomes possible. Continue north until you reach the automatic door. Do NOT enter it, instead turn east here. Continue east until you reach a second automatic door. Beyond it, turn north and continue north until you reach a door labeled "Towards Fate Do You Travel." From there, go southeast, going north when possible. Continue along this path until it bends south. Turn east here, and continue in that direction until you can go no further. Turn north here and there will be a building with no roof and a ghoul inside. As soon as you walk in, you will fall into the Necromancer catacombs.
    Take all of the reagents in the barrels and follow the cavern north. Here are some annoying bullet-shooters. Run west past them carefully, and continue along the cavern and turn west when you can. There will be the first Necromancer. Cast "Death Speak" on him, and follow the cavern east and then north. Turn west here, and run north past the daemons. Continue north past the elevated landmass, and then turn west. Here is the second Necromancer. Cast "Death Speak" on him. Cast "Stone Flesh" and follow the cavern north and west. Then go west until you reach a winding path. Continue along this path until you reach its end. Here is the third Necromancer. When you finish your conversation with him, you will be somewhere else.
    Collect reagents from the skeletons here, and then time your way through the electric doors. To the south will be the fourth Necromancer. Cast "Death Speak" on him and you will again find yourself somewhere else. Go north and east until you reach a thicket. In its center is a room, and in the room's center is a teleport. From here, go south, jumping the stream, and you will find a plateau on which is some magic armor which you should take. Continue west from there, and you will reach a lava river. Leap across it and climb onto the landmass. Follow it west, leaping east onto a small platform. You will find another teleport. Go west, continuing along that passage. Here is the fifth Necromancer. Cast "Death Speak" on him, and for the last time you will find yourself somewhere else. Hug the east wall as you travel north and you will find a cannon firing at your only possible escape route. Cast "Withstand Death" and run at the cannon, turning northeast as soon as possible. To the north will be the last Necromancer. Cast "Death Speak" on him, exit the room and walk up the stairs to the north. You will be back in the catacombs.
  • 11 Find Entrance to Stone Cove
  • Jump down from that platform. Run west until it is possible to go north. Then run west until you encounter some money and magic leggings. Wear the leggings and discard your old leggings. Retrace your steps to where you jumped off the platform. Turn south and run until you see a door to the east. Enter it, and then go south. Continue along that passage, over several landbridges. When you reach a door, go south through a slim passage. Continue south, over the lake. There will be an automatic door blocking a cannon. Make sure it is up as you walk past the cannon and flip the switch on the pedestal. Now you can run over the extending spikes and walk through the now open gate to the south. Here will be a door, open it and you will find yourself in Stone Cove.
  • 12 Locate Mountain King
  • On the northern wall of Stone Cove are locked tower doors. Cast "Summon Golem" and command him to open it. Note that there are unlimited reagents all over Stone Cove, merely perform the old edge-of-the-screen trick and they're back (most of the time). You generally don't need that many reagents, so gather sparingly.
    Walk through the double doors and run north past a runic symbol, evading the fire shooters. You will reach a large building with a lever in front which you should use, and a lever inside, which you should also use after climbing the wall. The best place to climb is the window on the east wall.
    Run back to the runic symbol, and this time turn west before running north. You will find a bridge has appeared. Cross it while it exists. Next you will find a group of moving platforms. Jump each of these as appropriate. Now evade the golem here as you jump on disappearing blocks to reach the next shore. From here, run north and follow the cavern and you will find a forcefield maze. Now, you CAN throw mushrooms through each set of pillars to see how you can walk to the north-center part of the room, but it's really much simpler to just cast "Stone Flesh" and run. When you reach the north-center of the room, you should open the chest there and take the key and the gem of protection. The return trip is much simpler, as the forcefields cannot hurt you while you carry the gem.
    Returning to the west, unlock the door there with the key you just picked up. Travel along that passage, turning north when possible. Leap the disappearing stepping stones here, and unlock the door on the other side of the lake. From there you can run north down a large hallway. There is a VERY slim passage to the west, which you should take. It will lead to a room with lots of mushrooms and more forcefields. In the southwestern corner of the room you will find a chest with some potions inside, and under one of the potions is another key. Return to the large hallway, and run north to a second slim passage. This one will take you to a door which can be unlocked with your keyring. Inside, follow that passage and you will find more of those moving platforms, but it is possible to carefully leap and walk along the northern edge of the water, and you can avoid the platform ordeal altogether. From there you should go north to find the Hall of the Mountain King. Have a chat with him, and then leave to the south.
  • 13 Activate "Hall of Mountain King" Teleporter
  • On the first left passage you will find another runic symbol. Do not step on it, rather continue south and you will find the next teleporter pad. Return to the runic symbol and step on it, as it will take you to the runic symbol which is a hop, skip and a jump to the south from Stone Cove.
  • 14 Retrieve Deceiver
  • The magical Deceiver axe is optional, as the Slayer tends to be a better weapon. If you don't really want the Deceiver, skip this step. However, for those who want better consistent damage, the Deceiver is the next logical step. On the western edge of Stone Cove is a river/lake/sea/you-don't-really-know-since-you-never-see- the-other-side. Anyhow, there are more stepping stones here, so you should take them like this: Jump on the northern most stone, and step as far forward as you can on it. Then make the longest jump possible the southwest. No, this isn't the rock to the diagonal, this is the rock which is DOWN from the rock you're on. A few simple jumps will put you on an island which is not the isle of the Deceiver. On the western edge of this island, make a jump the disappearing stone, then make the longest jump possible to the next island. Climb up onto this island and take the Deceiver.
  • 15 Get Key of Scion
  • Recall yourself back to Central Tenebrae. Run back to the Necromancer and tell him of your progress. Run outside of the building but within the gate of the tomb and on the northern edge you will find Lothian. Double-click on her and return to the Necromancer. He will give you the Key of the Scion.
  • 16 Find Entrance to Zealan Caverns
  • Reenter the catacombs by casting "Open Ground" at the shrine to the north of the tomb. This time, return to the door which reads "Towards Fate Do You Travel." Unlock this door with the Key of the Scion, and enter. Travel west until it is no longer possible, and then turn north. Against your instructions, enter the door which reads "Do Not Enter."
  • 17 Retrieve Obelisk Tip
  • Here, you should run north until it is no longer possible, then turn east until you reach a chest surrounded by five levers. Flip the southernmost lever, then northernmost, and finally the southernmost lever again. The chest will become available, and inside is a key with which you can unlock the door to the north. Here you will find a long string of cannons, but if you hug the east wall you cannot be harmed. Continue east and the cavern will turn and you will find a chest. Take the Skull of Quakes inside. Now follow the cavern back the way you came and take the passage to the north. Turn west here. You will find a gate. Although they are concealed by the view, there is a pressure plate on the east side of the door. Step on it, and then continue west through the door until you must climb and leap a small pit. Turn north here when possible, and then cast "Open Ground" over the grave. You will fall through. Turn west here, and take this passage. Turn east here and stay east until you arrive at an area with lots of rolling spheres and a skull. You need to jump straight up, as close to the elevated platform as possible, and at the height of your jump you need to throw a sphere or the skull onto the platform. Continue north, flip the lever and take the key under the ledge to the west. Go north, jumping over the light ray. Continue east and you will reach a stairwell and three pressure plates. If the westernmost platform is 1, the center 2 and the easternmost platform is 3, then you should stand in front of plate number 2 and pick up the clock. Now, place the clock on the plates in this pattern: 313 212 312 321 313 212 132 312 313 212.
    Ascend the stairwell and cast "Stone Flesh" before stepping through the light rays. Continue north until you find a pair of tower doors, one of which you can unlock, the other is already unlocked. Inside, take the key from under the skeleton on the broken bench, and leave east. Continue east until you reach a locked door which you can open, and then go south until you find another door which you can also open. Return west to the rolling sphere area, and then go west until you can go south. Here there is a door you can open, and inside you will find a Zealan shield. Return north to the room with the statues and place the shield on the pedestal. Listen to the statues, and then use your secret door scroll to open this door. Prepare a "Grant Peace" spell, and then cast it on Khumash Gor's ghost when you enter. Take the Obelisk Tip and anything else you want (If you're still trying to find better consistent magic weapons, the Scimitar of Khumash Gor is good).
  • 18 Activate "Upper Catacombs" Teleporter
  • Do NOT recall yourself back to Central Tenebrae, rather retrace your steps to the "Towards Fate Do You Travel" door. From there, go south east, turning south when possible. From there, turn east, continuing east past the chest and you will see a glowing red spot on the wall. Double-click on the skull of quakes and target it on the spot. Enter the now collapsed building and walk through the door there to find another teleporter. Recall yourself to Central Tenebrae.
  • 19 Defeat Mordea
  • Go to the northwest corner of the ground level of the palace. There you will find a staircase leading into the basement. On the northern wall is a switch. Flip the switch and talk to Devon. Now, walk out of the prison and walk east. There you will find a closed off room with a book inside. Use your secret door scroll and double-click on the book.
    Given the chance, mention that Devon is the rightful heir, and then point out that you have proof.
  • 20 Activate "Carthax Lake" Teleporter
  • Pick up your belongings, and leave your Earth reagents behind, unless you have some longing to carry these things along with you. You almost never need to cast them again, but you might want to carry around a few "Stone Flesh"es or "Grant Peace"s with you for good measure. You WILL need two "Open Grounds," and two "Summon Golems."
    Recall yourself to the Hall of the Mountain King, then go east and then north as soon as possible, avoiding the fire-shooter. Turn west, step on the rune, then run south and into Stone Cove. From there, take the northwest exit from Stone Cove, (the cave exit which leads to the traps) and then go north, around the lake and then northeast. Here is a lava river, which you should leap over, and from there you should go south. At the southern end of the lake is a door. This door can be opened with the Key of the Scion. Gaze upon that teleporter.
  • 21 Free Hydros
  • Go southwest, and traverse the landbridges to reach the southern end of the lake. From there, continue west past the troll, and then go north, climbing over a wall with spikes on the top and flipping the left switch on the door with a gate in its center. On the other side of that gate, continue along that passage, passing an automatic door, and you will reach an exit to this cavern. Go north from the exit and you will see a grave. Cast "Open Ground" over the grave, and then head back to the transporter. However, after you pass the troll, run northeast to reach some landbridges. Take these to the center of the lake, and speak with Hydros.
  • 22 Activate "Argentrock Isle" Teleporter
  • Recall back to the Hall of the Mountain King, and then run to Stone Cove. Exit to the northwest, and go east from the traps, leaping the river, and then running northeast. You will see a ghost there, and you will also find a VERY slim passage. Walk through it, and you will see a door with red pedestals aside it. Unlock it with the Key of the Scion and enter.
    Run down the path until you get to the other end of the bridge. From there go west and northwest to find the teleporter.
  • 23 Take Test of Wisdom
  • Go west until you reach the city wall. Brother Xavier is dressed in blue and carries a sword at his side, and you can find him in the large, two story house on the northern wall of the city. If he is not there, use the old edge-of-the-screen trick to wait for him. Talk to him about the Test of Wisdom. The responses are:
    • Should you brag about Stratos? No
    • Where is the best respite? Breezy porch
    • Why is wisdom better than brawn? Weapon/Wit
    • What should you do at battle? Tend the injured
    • Should you welcome your son? Yes
    • Comfort sad/Punish wicked? Comfort sad child
    • My brother the thief? Testify truthfully
  • 24 Take Test of Centeredness
  • Now visit the house in the southeastern corner of the city. Inside you should find Stellos, dressed in white robes. If you do not see him, wait for him as if just like Waiting for Shops to Open. Discuss the Test of Centeredness. Leave the city to the east, and then walk south and then west around the city and finally northwest to find the cliffs. The test is easily recognizable by the circle atop a high cliff. You need to climb up to there. When the wind begins to push you off, walk in the opposite direction that the wind is taking you, in an attempt to stay within the circle.
  • 25 Gather Silver
  • Return to Stellos and tell him of your progress. Now enter the monastery at the western part of town. At the western end of the monastery is a staircase leading downwards.
    Turn west and open the door there, closing it behind you. Then go east along the passage, and continue along it, gathering 8 chunks of silver ore.
  • 26 Make Foci
  • Recall yourself to Central Tenebrae, and then revisit the Smith. Ask him to make one of each foci.
  • 27 Enchant Foci
  • Place each foci individually on the alter in the center of the monastery. Before you continue, look for Torwin, who can sometimes be found in the Monastery, sometimes east of town. Talk with him about his career goals. Also be sure to find Holy Cyrrus, who lingers around the same areas. Torwin appears bald and is dressed like Brother Xavier, and Cyrrus is dressed like Stellos, only with his hood removed, exposing blond hair.
  • 28 Take Last Test
  • Return to the stairwell at the west end of the monastery, and then walk west. Cast "Aerial Servant," targeting it first on the torax, and next on the ground next to you. Then cast "Restoration" and target it on the torax.
  • 29 Retrieve "Borrowed" Focus
  • Tell Stellos about your progress. Ask him about the terrible thing. Discuss Torwin, Cyrrus and Brother Xavier with him. Cast "Hear Truth" as you discuss the focus with Brother Xavier, and talk with him about Cyrrus, Torwin and Stellos. Cast "Hear Truth" again as you talk to Cyrrus about the location of Torwin. Go to windy point (where you took the test of centeredness) and go north from there. Chat with Torwin, and take the ring and focus. Return the focus and talk to Stellos, and go back to where you saw Torwin. Leap as far as possible through the pillars, and then jump from rock to rock as you approach Stratos to the north. When you reach her, discuss the weather, your reward, her children and the Breath of Air. When she sets you down, take the "Air Walk" focus. We'll finish up this quest later.
  • 30 Activate "Demon's Crag" Teleporter
  • Recall yourself to "Carthax Lake." Exit to the north and then walk over the landbridges to the east and then to the south. You'll find a pair of doors which will alternate positions when you use the large lever there. You need to switch the lever so the door furthest to the south is up. Walk over and stand on the door which is down, then cast "Aerial Servant" on the lever. Continue south, opening that door with the Key of the Scion. Alternatively, there's a lever on the rockface wall immediately west. It's very tiny, so it's easily missed, even though it's only slightly to the left of the large lever here.
    Enter, and then walk south and west until you are on the southwestern end of the landmass which juts out into the river of lava. A man should appear and explain the Demon's Crag for you. When he is done talking to you, get VERY close the river, then cast "Air Walk." Jump to the spot where he was standing. Then walk south and then west along the water until you reach the waterfall. Cross the river there, and then walk east along the river until you can exit the cavern south. Follow the road, going east WRBTW, and admire this teleporter.
  • 31 Help Bane
  • Go west back along the road and then turn south when it forks. Walk south along the road, turning west WRBTW. You will arrive at the home of "Acolyte Bane." Enter, and discuss TrueNames and Sorcery and Vardion. She'll send you to find Vardion. Exit her house, turning south and then turning east WRBTW. Continue in that direction until you see double-doors to the north.
    According to the plaque, this is the home of "First Acolyte Vardion." Enter his home, and talk with him, specifically about the Sorcerers' dealings with Tenebrae. Mention shrewd bargaining and he'll tell you to go find Bane and find HER TrueName. Return to Bane's home and tell her Vardion's TrueName.
  • 32 Take First Test
  • Talk with Bane after you have been made a Disciple. Inquire about Sorcery, and then take the test, there are reagents all over her house. Make the spells she requires, keeping them with you.
  • 33 Take Second Test
  • Return to Vardion's house, only this time, instead of turning north and entering his home, continue west, following the road until it comes to a landbridge. Take the bridge to the obsidian fortress and enter.
    Inside, the test will be introduced to you. Run past the Guardians, and then talk to the next daemon you see. Discuss the test with him. Afterwards, take the key near the pentagram, and use it to unlock the chest there. With the reagents/candles about you, prepare the following: Flash, Endure Heat (I know you've already got one, but you'll need more for the end of the game), Extinguish, Banish Demon, Armor of Flames and Explosion. After you have your spells prepared, run west and enter the gate.
    The first part of this test is to the west. Continuing west will take you to a passage with a plaque reading "SANCT FLAM." Inch your way between the columns west, casting "Grant Peace" if necessary. When you reach the end of this cavern, cast "Endure Heat", QUICKLY leap on the stable (dark) portions of the lava, open the chest at the end of the passage, take the symbol, and run back. Inch your way back along the caverns until you arrive at the gate again.
    The next part of this test is to the south. You'll reach a cavern which reads "AN FLAM." Just continue along this passage, evading red mushrooms which explode when you step on them, as well as a few kiths and a troll. When you reach the end, cast "Extinguish" on yourself. Take the symbol and return to the teleporter.
    The third part of this test is to the east. There's a cavern there marked "VAS SANCT FLAM." Cast "Armor of Flames" before speeding down this passage at a running pace. At the end, take the symbol there, and wait for the spell to run out and cast it again, as it doesn't last long enough for a round trip. If you want to, try to catch the shield here. Aerial servant works well (be sure to use the Breath of Air first!), or you can just try to follow it where it jumps.
    From here, you should go north and reach a cavern labeled "FLAM POR." Maneuver your way past rolling spiked spheres along this passage until you reach some red mushrooms. To avoid their explosive reaction, cast "Flash," targeting screenfuls at a time, remembering that you cannot flash through stalagmites. When you reach the end of that passage, you'll find another length of passage with a daemon at the end. You can either banish him or evade him, and be sure to take the Flame Sting near the clump of bodies here. This time, there's a HUGE clump of red mushrooms. You need to cast "Flash," which will clear out a path through them. You need to run down this path, evading the Seeker. At the end of this passage is the fourth and final symbol.
    Before leaving, approach the cavern to the west of the gate and turn south from there. Then, as soon as possible, turn west and enter the home of a Mad Mage, a Silly Sorcerer, an Insane Illusionist, a Senseless Spellcaster, a veritable crazed loon. (Sorry, it's late. :) ) Kill him, and in his store room take the Summon Daemon pentacle.
    Return to the gate, and talk to the daemon at the eastern end of the passage. Return to the gate.
  • 34 Take Third Test
  • The Master has assigned you three spells, and if you've followed the instructions, you have all of them ready. Cast "Flame Bolt" at him, then "Explosion," "Summon Daemon," and lastly "Banish Daemon." Simply be submissive from here on out.
  • 35 Retrieve Tongue of Flame
  • Return to the Obsidian Fortress, and enter the gate at the end. The Flame Sting will finish off Mr. Master, at which point you can lift the Tongue off of his personage. Now return to the Great Pentacle to the south of Vardion's home, and walk over it. Be sure to pick up the Tongue afterwards.
  • 36 Inquire About Blackrock Piece
  • Leave Demon's Crag by casting "Endure Heat" and hot-footing your way over the stable bridge of lava. Climb out of the enclave and recall the way to the Plateau. Once there, mention the Tongue to Mythran, and read "Destruction of the Temple."
  • 37 Retrieve Tear of Seas
  • Recall to Central Tenebrae, and ask Devon of blackrock pieces. Go to the southwest corner of the palace and extract the Tear from the chest.
  • 38 Retrieve Heart of Earth
  • Recall to Hall of Mountain King and run to Stone Cove. Use the Key of the Scion to unlock the small door to the east of the double-doors leading to the King. Enter and turn west. Continue along that passage until you reach the "Conventicle of Death." Inch you way up VERY close to the door. You should be able to see some dirt inside. Cast "Summon Golem" on it, and instruct him to open the locked double-doors in front of you. Inside, cast "Open Ground" over the grave. Take the Heart.
  • 39 Retrieve Breath of Air d
  • Recall back to Argentrock Isle, and go back to where you saw Torwin. Cast "Air Walk" and leap through the pillars. Return to Stratos. When you reach her, end the chat quickly. When she sets you down, cast "Reveal," and then cast "Aerial Servant" to set the Breath down next to you. Take it with you while Stratos whines.
  • 40 Learn spells
  • You will now need to procure 550 obsidian coins, so hopefully you know where you kept your money. Recall to the Plateau and talk to Mythran about learning magic. Leave him, then talk to him again. Repeat this until he has taught you the "Creature Summoning" spell. Now you need to ask him about re-creating the obelisk, and he'll teach you the "Ethereal Travel" spell. Read the book, and then use it again.
  • 41 Defeat Stratos
  • In the Ethereal Void, turn south and run that way until you reach a gate. Enter it, and you will be in Stratos' lair. This world is fairly straight-forward, simply start jumping off to the north and continue jumping in a purposeful manner IGNORING ALL TREASURE. When you reach Stratos, double-click on the Breath of Air and target it on her. Finally, back in the void, place the glowing Breath on the Mesostel Ze of the pentagram, or the point just to the left of the point on the bottom. The southern point. You know. Ah, well. You get the point. (Sorry, it's STILL late. :) )
  • 42 Defeat Hydros
  • This time, turn north from the pentagram and run into the next gate. Travel west until you reach the absolute end of the landmass before you start jumping. At this point it's also pretty straight-forward, just hop up to the platform to the west and then continue west along bridges, etc. When you reach Hydros, double-click on the Tear and target it on her. When you return, place the glowing Tear on the Perivolcan Pa, or the Northern point.
  • 43 Defeat Pyros
  • This is a little less straight-forward. Take the path to the west, and then when you get the chance, jump northwest to the land mass above the one you're on. Travel north until you reach a nine-pointed star (nintogram?). Go southeast from there, and take the landbridge north. Jump onto the next land mass, and continue progressing north until you reach a shrine with a jewelry box in it. Take the box and run back to the south, taking the southern land bridge and jumping back to the star. Drop a glowing sphere on each of those glowing squares, and then hop stones. When you reach the next landmass, just run north and north west until you reach Pyros, and defeat him with the Tongue.
  • 44 Defeat Lithos
  • This VERY straight-forward. When you arrive there, skip the first cliff for the second, which you should jump on and continue northwest and then west. When you reach the lava river, cast "Endure Heat," and be sure to only jump on the dark spots. When you reach the end, turn south and continue in that direction. Hop floating stones, and conclude by targeting the Heart on Lithos.
  • 45 Win
  • When you arrive back at the pentagram, make sure the pieces are arranged like this:
  • Fire Water

    Air Earth

  • Now, double-click on the obelisk tip and target it on yourself. Finally, place the tip on the empty spot and enter the gate.
  • Earth Spells:
  • To cast these, place the appropriate reagents in an empty bag, double-click on the Key of the Caretaker and target it on the bag. This will create an expendable icon, which one can double-click on to cast.
    Open Ground - Punches holes in the ground, when appropriate
    1 vial of blood
    1 pile of blackmoor
    Death Speak - Allows the Avatar to converse with Necromancers
    1 vial of blood
    1 pile of bone shards
    Mask of Death - When cast, all nearby creatures ignore Avatar
    1 pile of wood
    1 executioner's hood
    Stone Flesh - Immune to damage
    1 pile of wood
    1 pile of dirt
    Grant Peace - Will kill an undead creature
    1 executioner's hood
    1 pile of blackmoor
    Summon Undead - A few ghouls will rise up and fight for you. Can summon a skeleton, who may turn on you.
    1 vial of blood
    1 pile of bone shards
    1 pile of wood
    Withstand Death - Only cast once; immed. before triggering event
    1 pile of wood
    1 pile of dirt
    1 pile of blackmoor
    Summon Golem - Can Open, Move, Attack Enemies. Target on dirt.
    1 vial of blood
    1 pile of bone shards
    1 pile of wood
    1 pile of dirt
    1 pile of blackmoor
    Quake - Guess
    1 pile of bone shards
    1 pile of wood
    1 pile of dirt
    1 pile of blackmoor
  • Fire Spells:
  • Must be prepared inside pentagram. Reagents must be inside red circle, not merely on pentagram. These points start at bottom and circle counter clockwise. Focus at center must be able to hold target spell. Pentacle focus holds all.
  • Key:
  • Reagents - A is for Ash, B is for Brimstone, D is for Demon Bone, I is for Iron, P is for Pumice, N is for Nothing and O is for Obsidian. Candles - R is for Red, B is for Black.
  • Spell - Description
    ----- Foci
    A ReagentCandle
    MP RC
    PP RC
    PZ RC
    MZ RC

    Ignite - Target flammable ignites. Self target ignites all.
    ------ Wand, Rod, Staff
    A AR
    MP NB
    PP PB
    PZ PB
    MZ NB

    Extinguish - Target non-magic doused. Self target douses all.
    ---------- Wand, Rod, Staff
    A PB
    MP NB
    PP PB
    PZ PB
    MZ NB

    Create Fire - Target ground ignites.
    ----------- Staff
    A NB
    MP AR
    PP OB
    PZ PB
    MZ AR

    Endure Heat - Unharmed by non-magic, walk on stable lava
    ----------- Rod, Staff
    A IB
    MP NB
    PP OR
    PZ OR
    MZ NB

    Explosion - Targeted bolt, explodes on contact
    --------- Staff
    A BR
    MP IB
    PP PR
    PZ NB
    MZ AR

    Armor of Flames - Protection from magical fire
    --------------- Rod, Staff
    A IB
    MP AB
    PP OR
    PZ OR
    MZ BR

    Flame Bolt - Targeted bolt, does damage
    ---------- Wand, Rod, Staff
    A NR
    MP AR
    PP NB
    PZ PR
    MZ IB

    Fire Shield - Creates impenetrable ring around caster
    ----------- Rod, Staff
    A IB
    MP AR
    PP OR
    PZ OR
    MZ NB

    Flash - Targeted bolt, caster appears where bolt stops
    ----- Wand, Rod, Staff
    A PR
    MP AB
    PP NR
    PZ NR
    MZ AB

    Summon Demon - Targeted Spell, Demon attacks target
    ------------ Demon Head
    A DR
    MP PR
    PP OR
    PZ OR
    MZ AB

    Banish Demon - 50% probability of destroying target daemon
    ------------ Demon Head
    A DR
    MP AB
    PP IR
    PZ IR
    MZ PR

    Conflagration - BANG, / means both reagents
    ------------- Demon Head
    A B/DR
    MP IR
    PP O/DR
    PZ P/DR
    MZ AR
  • AND NOW...
  • Some Help for the Sorcery Impared!
  • Sorcery is a very fine art. Here's the possible things which could be going wrong with your spellcasting, which involves setting up candles, reagents, focus and double-clicking on the large pentagram.
  • If the Avatar does nothing at all:
  • (This basically means that the game has NO idea which spell you're trying to cast, or doesn't recognize that you're trying to prepare a Sorcery.)
    One or more of the candles may be entirely out of place or unlit.
    Solution: Double-check on color, position. Ignite all.
    One or more of the reagents may be completely out of place
    Solution: Double-check on position
    Someone may be standing on the pentagram (whoops! :)
    Solution: GET OFF THE PENTAGRAM!!! :)
  • If the Avatar says "Something's not right":
  • (This basically means that the game recognizes which spell you're trying to cast. This means that all of the reagents are in approximately the right place.)
    The reagents may be out of place by more than two pixels. (You read right. TWO PIXELS.)
    Solution: Make sure the reagents are in EXACTLY the right place.
    The candles may be miscolored.
    Solution: Double-check on the colors and positions.
    You may be using the wrong or missing focus.
    Solution: Pentacle can hold one charge of any spell. Wand can hold, Extinguish, Ignite, Flash and Flame Bolt. Rod can hold all Wand spells, including Fire Shield, Armor of Flames and Endure Heat. Staff (only one in game) can hold all Rod spells, including Explosion and Create Fire. Daemon's Head can hold ONLY Summon Daemon, Banish Daemon and Conflagration. You can only fill a focus once, when all the charges must be exhausted to re- enchant it. Make sure that it's in the center of the pentagram.
    If your spell still doesn't fly, the most likely problem is the two-pixel off reagent, so keep mucking about until you get it. The game is infinitely picky about that.

Air Spells: Double-Click on enchanted focus to release spell, except for after the Breath of Air has been taken from Stratos. This is an item of major confusion, mainly because this item can seriously screw up your Air spells. What SHOULD be happening, is that when you take it from Stratos, she'll whine and then nobody gets to cast Air spells (excluding Air Walk) anymore. Except for about 2/3 of the people I reccomend this little tip to: Double-click on the BOA and target it on yourself. You can now cast ONE Air spell. To cast another you need to double-click and target again. Sorry for the remaining 1/3 who don't have this feature, but you never NEED Air spells for the rest of the game.

Ether Spells: Just read the book which contains the spell you want to cast. If you have the reagents, the spell will be cast immediately. Ethereal Travel is different, in that you need to read the book once, then double-click on the book again to cast the spell.

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